St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Millers Tavern, VA

Welcome to St. Paul’s!

Outdoor Morning Prayer starting Sunday, June 28 at 9:00 am

We are moving forward with plans to worship outdoors beginning Sunday, June 28 at 9:00 am, complying with requirements of the Diocese and our local, state, and national health officials. Here is what you can expect this Sunday:

We will begin worship at 9 am. Bring your own chairs or blanket, your own face mask, and your own Book of Common Prayer. If you don’t have a mask or Book of Common Prayer, we will offer them to you upon your arrival (and will be yours to keep!). We will worship under the grove of trees next to the church. We will have marked circles in the grass for each household. Arrive a few minutes early to set up your seats. Please make your way from your car straight to your seat. Stay in your circle for the duration of the worship service, and when the worship service is over, return directly to your car. While we are all thrilled to see each other again, remember we are gathering to worship, not socialize. Let’s say hello with friendly waves and try to keep all conversation within the bounds of our socially distanced circles.

What about the offering plate? We will not be passing the offering plate, but will have a table set up with the offering plate if you would like to make a contribution after the service.

Why are we gathering at 9 am? We have chosen this time to reduce exposure to heat during the summer.

Who should not attend? Please refrain from attending if you are not feeling well or recently had a fever, or if you are in a vulnerable population and do not yet feel comfortable in public. We will continue to send out a video as we have been doing on Sunday morning so that you can join in worship virtually with our community.

What about the weather? We will send an email if the service is cancelled due to inclement weather, but please make your own best decision based on your comfort level with drizzle or rain.

What about children? Children are welcome to attend, but we ask that each household make their decision about whether to attend with the entire community in mind. Each child is unique; while some may have no problem with social distancing and staying within the bounds of their assigned seats, others may struggle. Only you know best what your child can manage. We encourage use of face masks for children who understand the concept and can keep them on.

Will bathrooms be available? We are keeping our service short to reduce the need for facilities. If possible, please avoid the bathroom. If nature calls, please maintain social distancing and avoid congregating in a line. We will be disinfecting the bathroom before and after each service.

Do I have to wear a mask? The Diocese of Virginia requires that everyone in attendance wear a mask. We understand that wearing masks can be uncomfortable for a long period of time, which is another reason we are going to keep the service short, around 30 minutes or less.

With the state of Virginia entering Phase 3 on July 1, can we begin to worship inside the church soon if we distance 6 feet? In addition to complying with the governor’s requirements, we are also following a phased regathering plan released by the Diocese of Virginia. According to the Diocese’s regathering plan, we have not yet entered Phase 2, which will allow for limited indoor worship. Phase 2 will begin when the seven-day average of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in our health district drop for two weeks. Once we enter phase 2 and have our plan for regathering inside the church approved by the Diocese, we can determine a date for limited indoor worship.

If you are not comfortable in public yet, we invite you to continue to join us for worship virtually.

Visit our YouTube channel for Sunday Morning Sermons at 9:00 AM.

On Sunday mornings at 11:15 AM, join us in live-streaming services online at the Washington National Cathedral.

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