Members of St. Paul's were counselors at St. George's Camp at Shrine Mont in the summer of 1969. When they had children, it was important to them and their friends at St. Paul's to send their children to camp there. It was a financial struggle to do so, as young parents can attest. When one of those mothers died in an accident at the age of 40, the remaining parents, and other members of St. Paul's began the Campership Fund in her memory.

By cooking and selling Brunswick stew a couple of times a year and having a baked potato lunch at coffee hour close to St. Patrick's Day, and smoking turkeys at Thanksgiving, money is raised to help pay for the children and grandchildren of St. Paul's members to go to St. George's/St. Elizabeth's each year. Shrine Mont is a life changing experience and it is truly wonderful that we at St. Paul’s are able to provide this to our children and those in the community.

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