The Good News

Let's stay connected during this time of crisis. Take a photo of something that is bringing you joy. Perhaps it is your budding and blooming garden. Perhaps it is a delicious cake you baked. Perhaps it is a book you’re reading or a CD you’re listening to. Send that photo to Cori Rivara, our parish secretary, at They will be posted here under "The Good News".

St. Paul's Altar Guild decorated for Easter

Bluebird visited for days singing “Is it spring yet”?


Kristi's Adventures


Cooking with the family



Hot Bath

I have a cardinal who really wants “in”. Yesterday I counted the number of times he hit the window in 20 minutes – 176 times. He starts at 7 am and is continuous until 7:30 pm. Do the math for the number of strikes/day/week (and the number of times I have gone to the door because I thought someone was knocking). I think I know from where the term “bird brain” comes.

~Linda Minor

Creeping Phlox in Full Bloom

~Sarah Miller

One of God's beautiful creations in my backyard. ~Jane

Here's the new puppy, BonBon, sitting under the pearl bush (an outstanding plant, ask me about it) in full bloom. Neither are concerned about the things that are bothering us these days. Mayhaps we should take a lesson from that playbook. Take a breath, dear friends, you have the greatest love of all.


Sainte Chappelle Paris

Lewis and Poohdie

A beautiful sunrise over Chris & Christine's farm!

My grandsons —- always creating and bringing smiles to everyone around them!

~Anne Mitchell

Springs is here and nature and new life renew. One of our new camellias, Christmas Beauty, to be planted today. I hope it brings a smile and laugh as it is an odd name for a Spring bloomer. The seedlings for cut flower garden have already popped in two days time . Nature never fails to bring hope and promise. My mantra for today.

Stay safe and sending email hugs,