The Rev. Sarah Miller, Priest-in-Charge

Kristi Reynolds, Music Director

Cori Rivara,

Parish Secretary

Mary Mann, Sexton

St. Paul’s Church is a congregation of The Episcopal Church in The Diocese of Virginia

The Right Reverend Susan E. Goff, Bishop Suffragan and Ecclesiastical Authority

The Right Reverend Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Assistant Bishop

Vestry Members

Cynthia Carter, Senior Warden

Jeff Brooks, Junior Warden

Christine O'Keefe, Register

Holly Dartez

Jane Durvin

Baylor Ellwanger

Tom Howard

Meredith Jefferies

Mary Mann

Financial Officer: Sally Pearson, Treasurer

Committee Chairpeople

Altar Guild: Elizabeth P. Miller

Stewardship: Janet Rivara

Memorials: Patricia R. Haile

Outreach: Lindeve D. Hostvedt

Buildings & Grounds: Dr. and Mrs. John and Patricia Haile

Finance: Lewis N. Miller, Jr.

Hospitality: Lindeve D. Hostvedt

Dr. and Mrs. John and Patricia Haile, Cemetery Custodians

Estie Thomas, Upper Tidewater Region Representative

Mrs. Jane S. Durvin, Church Photographer

* * * *