The Rev. Sarah Miller, Priest-in-Charge

Kristi Reynolds, Music Director

Cori Rivara,

Parish Secretary

Mary Mann, Sexton

St. Paul’s Church is a congregation of The Episcopal Church in The Diocese of Virginia

The Right Reverend Susan E. Goff, Bishop Suffragan and Ecclesiastical Authority

The Right Reverend Jennifer Brooke-Davidson, Assistant Bishop

The Rt. Rev. Porter Taylor, Assisting Bishop

Vestry Members

Cynthia Carter, Senior Warden

Jeff Brooks, Junior Warden

Christine O'Keefe, Register

Holly Dartez

Jane Durvin

Baylor Ellwanger

Tom Howard

Meredith Jefferies

Mary Mann

Financial Officer: Sally Pearson, Treasurer

Committee Chairpeople

Altar Guild: Elizabeth P. Miller

Stewardship: Janet Rivara

Memorials: Patricia R. Haile

Outreach: Lindeve D. Hostvedt

Buildings & Grounds: Dr. and Mrs. John and Patricia Haile

Finance: Lewis N. Miller, Jr.

Hospitality: Lindeve D. Hostvedt

Dr. and Mrs. John and Patricia Haile, Cemetery Custodians

Estie Thomas, Upper Tidewater Region Representative

Mrs. Jane S. Durvin, Church Photographer

* * * *